the story so far

Big Bang.  Earth was formed.  Then a moon, life.  Billions of years, tectonic shifts, dinosaurs, asteroids etc. Evolution,  Movement over the surface of the planet.  There are Neanderthals along the way, possibly our fault they aren’t around anymore.  Ice ages, earthquakes.  Ecology. Agriculture.  Culture: cities, writing, religion, myth, philosophy.  War.   Difference, though not speciation.  Ships, sextants, spices, smallpox.  Dispossession.  More war, really big ones.  Atom bomb.  Moon landing.  Internet.  Anthropocene. Oh shit.

Now, we can begin.

Writing a book where the entire history of the cosmos is invoked by your informants requires a bracket of sweeping, cosmic proportions. I feel like I’ve left a lot out.  How on earth (or off it) is it possible to identify the key moments, to step back far enough? Or, is the need to have to step back far enough the problem itself?

Right now it is 5:21am in Wisconsin, the day after daylight savings began.


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